New music: N*E*R*D featuring Nelly Furtado - Hot 'n fun

New music: N*E*R*D featuring Nelly Furtado - Hot 'n fun
N*E*R*D's lead single from their fourth studio album Nothing, which comes with added Nelly Furtado. The Neptunes had produced tracks for Nelly Furtado's so-hot-it-still-has-me-in-awe Loose album, but none of them made the cut. So it's cool to hear them all on a song together, even if Nelly Furtado's guest feature feels meaningless and does nothing for the song what-so-ever. Neptunes fans: be sure to check this joint out. It see's them on that old skool 90's tip with the beat that I know I've been missing from P and Chad as of late.

Listen: Hot 'n fun

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It upsets me sometimes when I think that Michael did not work with The Neptunes. Because so many of their productions bring him to mind. "You know what" from N*E*R*D's Seeing sounds album was so Michael it wasn't even funny. And now I hear this shit, and it's again with the Michael swag. Could you imagine the moves and his vocals over this funky ass beat!? It'd be to die for (Whoops!)

N*E*R*D's lead singles always do it for me. It's their albums and the lack of follow up which stinks. I end up buying N*E*R*D's albums, but never end up really liking them. I do not know what it is up with that.


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