OneRepublic perform "All the right moves" on Jay Leno

OneReuplic perform 'All the right moves' on Jay Leno
I thought OneRepublic had crawled into some hole somewhere. But they're still around, trying to flog more copies of their second studio album Waking up. They gave a performance of their lead single "All the right moves" on Jay Leno, which is as old as dirt now, and by no means classic. It's certainly no "Apologize".

I thought Waking up was a wrap, because the group has been going a bit too easy on the promotion for it. I don't think this performance will help flog any more copies of the album, because the song is so old now. They could have at least performed something different off of the album.

I'd love for "Made for you" to get a release. A little selfish, because that is my favourite OneRepublic song right now. If they were still desperate to flog "All the right moves" in a performance on Leno, they could have performed "Made for you" and segued right into "All the right moves" - just like on the album. Two birds, one stone, and all that.


  1. I'm so tired of this song, and I can't believe they're still singing it to promote sales. "Made for You" is a good choice, but there are others as well, like "Good Life" or "Marchin' On".

    "All this time" might be my favorite song on the album, but it's definitely not single material. Especially going into the summer.


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