Perfume's "Fushizen na girl" music video preview

With "Natural ni koishite" out of the way, "Fushizen na girl" is getting its shine as the fellow A-side. on a double A-side single release. In a rather cool stroke, the song title is "Artificial girl" making it somewhat the opposite of "Natural ni koishite" (roughly "Love naturally"). At least by name anyway. If this music video teaser is anything to go by, the girls will be back to strutting their thing like the robots they sound like.

I've never seen Perfume as sexy. The beats on their songs are sexy, but their voices are not. And they cannot dance for shit. But Nocchi was giving me sex face at the beginning of this clip. It's a shame about them heels though. They look like something a junior school piano music teacher in her fifties would wear. Couldn't the wardrobe department have hooked her up with some Louboutins or somethin'!?


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