Special edition: Sugababes - 3.0

Sugababes - 3.0
The Sugababes are dead. Mutya's departure brought on a sexier look to the group with no longer having to have her ghetto ass style taint the look. But when she left, she took the soul and bad arsery of the group with her. And the Sugababes brand has been dragged through doo-doo and stinging nettles ever since. The only thing that has been consistent with their past 3 albums is their mediocrity. So I tried to muster together a solid album between all 3 releases in the aid of giving the 3.0's at least one solid album. And also to give Keisha the Sugababes album she was denied.

Even collectively; Change, Catfights & spotlights and Sweet 7 aren't able to match the pop gold that was Taller in more ways and their earlier albums - but I tried. Honest to God, I did.


  1. i can't access mediafire cause its blocked. can you give the list of the songs in the album?

  2. Damn J - that album cover is gorgeous! I can't get over at how good of a photo shopper/graphics artist you are! I've downloaded the album but I haven't listened to it yet as the computer which used to hold all of my music got wiped, so I have to transfer my music from my ipod back to the PC...and I haven't had the time to get round to it. But I haven't heard most of the tracks so I'm looking forward to checking it out!


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