Bonus material: Christina Aguilera - You lost me (Live @ VH1 storytellers)

Bonus material: Christina Aguilera - You lost me (Live @ VH1 storytellers)
Christina Aguilera performed a couple of songs off of her Bionic album for a VH1 special which will air in June. Of course people in attendance recorded that shit on on their phones. After the fist bumping 'n body grinding inducing "Bionic" and "Not myself tonight", she delivered a stunning performance of a ballad titled "You lost me".

Listen: You lost me (Live @ VH1 storytellers)

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I always love when Aguilera tones down her voice and goes a little breathless (good breathless, not that whipser bullshit Mariah does). It's this singing style that had me stan for "Loving me 4 me" from Stripped and "Without you" from Back to basics. - because I think she sounds amazing when she keeps the vocals low key.

I'm in love with "You lost me". It easily could have been a song on Back to basics, but I still love it. I'm buying Bionic for this shit alone. Everything else that's good on the album will be a bonus for me. Australian singer Sia (who I'm quickly falling in love with) co-wrote "You lost me" and a bunch of other songs for Bionic, so I'm really looking forward to hearing her other works with Christina. This could not have come at a better time, because I'm done with "Not myself tonight".


  1. That's a hot pic of Christina! I couldn't really tell whether I like the song or not because of the recording, but I could tell she sounded great.

  2. yeah i agree with Junlee that pic is amazing!
    the song sounds fantastic too and apparently she sang this sat on the floor!!! she is a legend i swear BIONIC cant wait to see her on american idol, shes gonna tare it up! better than gaga did hobbling round the stage last night lol


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