Bonus material: Jin Akanishi featuring Crystal Kay - Wonder

Bonus material: Jin Akanishi featuring Crystal Kay - Wonder
KAT-TUN have a whole massive catalogue of songs which have not been released officially, and are just knocked up for the sake of having a shit load of material to pull from on tours. One of these songs just happens to be a track that KAT-TUN front man Jin Akanishi recorded with Crystal Kay in 2009: "Wonder". My God, what a waste of a song. Ragged clips of it have been floating around for years now, but here's a decent-enough-for-now quality version of the song in full. This is so much better than "Helpless night".

Listen: Wonder (Low quality)

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Crystal runs circles around this shit. Her vocals are on-point! She sounds so damn sexy.

The lyrics to the song sound as they Jin and Crystal are singing about interracial grinding on the dancefloor. Art imitating real life? We'll never know. But if Crystal is kicking it with Jin, she'll need to go into witness protection if fans find out. Because female Jin stans will want to cut a bitch for dating their beloved Bakanishi. Even though the dude looks like he's f**king girls daily.

I think it's a shame "Wonder" got no official release. If "Wonder" had been released as a single, it would have gone straight to number 1 on the Oricon charts. KAT-TUN's releases do not know any entry position other than number 1. It doesn't matter whether it's a single, an album or a DVD. Their shit goes in at number 1 every time and breaks a record or two in the process. Trust Crystal's chance at mammoth single success to get snatched away.


  1. OMFG! this song is so hot! i've been waiting to get a listen to the full version for aaaaaaages!
    thanks you so much ^_^ it's so annoying that this wasn't a single i would love Crystal to get back to the top :(
    Hopefully flash will have some tracks at least half as hot as this, her voice is so amazing i love her and Jin was amazing too.
    p.s I love "Helpless night" too :)

  2. Yeah I love Helpness Night too. I think Johnny K hates women (not that I have any info on this, only rumors about him feeling up some of his merchandise, hehe ;o) so he certainly would'nt do Crystal any favors. Jin obviously has some pull but not enough to have it be released I guess. Maybe he's preparing to make a move in the future.


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