Bonus material: Keri Hilson - Black cloud

Bonus material: Keri Hilson - Black cloud
This is such a jam! Those who have been upon Chad Hugo's work in the past know that the dude has serious skills. I know some were thinking for a hot minute that Chad didn't do shit and Pharrell did everything. But Chad has heat of his own. Just putting that out there.

Listen: Black cloud

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This is only a demo. No idea who is going to be getting final dibs on this song. I just hope it's a chick who can sing and do it justice. The song had me think of Solange. Because of the funky vibe and that Keri and her share a similar vocal tone. Beyoncé would be a good look on this too. She has that voice that would sit nicely on a song like this. I still love her joint "Work it out". Janelle Monáe would have been a good look on this too. You know she'd have shut this shit down.


  1. This was meant to be the first single from the re-release of Alesha Dixon's bullshit no, it wouldn't have gone to a chick that woulda done it justice IMO.

  2. :|

    Oh God... Such fire. Wasted on Alesha Dixon. I hope somebodies A&R man snatched this song from her.

    The Beyoncé fan in me would love for her to lace this. Say what you will about the broad, but she would come correct vocally over this fly ass beat.

  3. Beyoncé slays everything that Pharrell/Chad gives her so it kinda goes witout saying that she'd murk this.

    *Peeks into recycle bin and sees "Kitty Kat"*

    Well, nearly everything ;]

  4. "Kitty kat" didn't feature on my copy of B'day.

    [J sits and hopes Albee won't notice the bait delusion]

    I would love for The Neptunes to cut more joints for Beyoncé. "Work it out" is still crack. And the same goes for "Green light". Columbia messed up by not releasing it properly as a single. That was one of my fave joints on B'Day aside from "Upgrade U". It was one of the few songs on that album that got a video that looked like it cost money too.


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