New music: Amerie - Who's gonna love U

New music: Amerie - Who's gonna love U
I guess In love & war is officially a wrap. Well, that album was a wrap from day one. But it really is now, with Amerie already on the scene with a brand new song. And a nice lil' song it is too! "Who's gonna love U" is much of how Amerie should have been rolling out with In love & war. Not with that "Why R U" crap, and then that Sean Garrett infested "Heard 'em all".

Listen: Who's gonna love U

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Despite the atomic bombing of her In love & war album, Amerie is not letting it phase her and is already hard at work on a follow up. I would love it if she carried over the likes of "Higher", because that was a JAM! It continues to burn me that the song wasn't made a single. Any attempt to have that song reach out, should be made.

I love Amerie. I'll love any chick that can yodel on a song and not have me hate it. The legs, her being fine, seeming so sweet and loving to thrash a good weave are just a bonuses for me.

Amerie isn't the kind of artist who can step away from the game for years and then come back with a hit. So I'm glad that she's acting fast, whilst she's still in (some) people's minds, and off of the back of a highly successful stint in Korea with 4minute. She got more attention and promo in the few days she spent in Korea, than the best part of the year she spent trying to promote In love & war in America. What the hell is up with that?

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  1. Nice track and I'm feelin the album name too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. she should work with korean producers. maybe jyp could give her korean influenced songs.

  3. i LOVELOVELOVE this song! DAMN Amerie is like the perfect woman hot/sweet/inteligent and makes amazing music! O_O
    The album name is really cool too, If they don't promote this album right she should just pack up and move to annother label!
    Pluss I do think Amerie should do some promo over in the UK because her albums usually do well over here (when people actually know theres one out!) #JustSaying

  4. Amerie needs that killer single to help put herself on people's radars. But her labels keep picking the wrong songs. Both of her last 2 albums had that one big song that could have had her blow up. But instead we got the weakest pieces of rubbish which were never going to be hits. If "Crush" had been released (properly) off of Because I love it and "Dangerous" had been released off of In love & war: things would have been different.


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