New music: Christina Aguilera - Bionic

New music: Christina Aguilera - Bionic
Christina's title track from Bionic is available in full. The song is a full length track, and not merely a minute and a half intro as many were speculating would be the case.

Listen: Bionic

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Sounds a lot like Santigold. It's cool hearing Christina on something different, and take on a vocal style and swagger that she hasn't before. It is nice to hear Christina get through a song without screaming.

"Bionic" is the kind of song many were hoping Christina would drop for Stripped, but she never did. So I'm sure those who wanted Christina on something that knocks and packs a punch are as happy as pie with this song.

When it comes to a banger with some heat behind it, "Woohoo" is still the best of what I've heard from the album thus far.


  1. Meh. Not that great if you ask me.

  2. I like the kinda chaotic sound to it. Now when she said futuristic, I didn't think she meant Not Myself Tonight or Woohoo, but this is what I think she meant. I LOVE IT.

  3. OMG the album clips are on amazon and now the feuturistic sound is evident!
    The rest makes NMT look like crap! ^_^

  4. i can get behind this. i don't love the sound, but i love that she did it, if that makes sense. you wouldn't even know this was her. i love the risks she takes artistically. no one else does this.


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