New music: Christina Aguilera featuring Nicki Minaj - Woohoo

New music: Christina Aguilera - Not myself tonight
Christina just can't keep the slut tamed. But I kinda love it. Fresh off the back of the it's already a strip club classic "Not myself tonight" comes "Woohoo" - a song all about the joys of cunnilingus. If a lady wants me to even consider tucking into her woohoo, she's going to have to come at me how Christina is doing in the picture above.

Listen: Woohoo

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The song is throwaway, but it got me rocking my head and wanting to go on a search for Christina's woohoo. Whilst this song isn't different from anything we've heard before, but it's a change of tempo for Christina given she seemed to avoid these kinds of songs like the plague for her last 2 albums. She always went slower ("Get mine get yours") or so poptastic and cheesy it masked the hints of nasty ("Candyman").

I love Christina's swagger and Nicki Minaj kills it with her verse. She genuinely sounds like somebody is eating out her p***y towards the end. Clubs now have 2 potential floor fillers from Christina to work with. "Not myself tonight" will get the pop loving guys and gals all up on the floor acting like 3 minute freaks. But those who like more of a bounce will gets down to "Woohoo". There's no confirmation yet as to whether or not this song will feature on Bionic though...


  1. This sounds like a Dipset type track. I haven't heard a track bang like this since 2005.

  2. can you guess what im thinkin?!... yeah you probably can lol I LOVE THIS!!!! it's HOT! ^_^
    She should have released this as the lead single it's better than "not myself tonight" (which i still love) and nicki's verse was awsome lol i seriously thought she was cumming or somethin lmao! O_O
    i'm so desperate for BIONIC i awear! #_#

  3. LOL! This song is dumb as hell, but I gotta admit it's hot.


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