New music: Ciara - Blauw

New music: Ciara - Blauw
Ciara's shit is leaking already!? It's like Fantasy ride all over again. give it another month and we'll probably have an album worth of material available on Zshare and a statement from her label that her album has been pushed back. This offering is once again from Tricky and The Dream.

Listen: Blauw

Basic instinct
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This song sounds like a hood tax of Janet Jackson's "Come give your love to me". It's shit like this that has me concerned about Tricky Stewart and The Dream's ability to give Ciara a hot album. Tricky Stewart is consistent with the solid production. I find myself liking more of what he brings to the table than not. And I love the beat on "Blauw". But The Dream on the other hand is a mess. The only thing consistent about him is his inconsistency. Most of his songs have you wondering if you're going crazy at the nonsense you're hearing. How the hell is a n***a going to give a chick whose career rides on this album some BS called "Blauw"!? The beat is hot. But the lyrics blauw.


  1. at first when i heard this song i was like "meh" but after a few plays i got into it.
    The beat is hard (even if it does sound like the soundtrack toan 80's porno lol) and the lyrics are "ok" if a bit generic.
    I don't really follow producers etc but it seems like the dream is really falling off lately.
    I dont think this song is gonna fit on an album that is meant to get Ciara back on top.

  2. Firstly, this is a Darkchild production so your thesis on Tricky and Dream was completely wrong.

    Secondly this is an unreleased song from Fantasy Ride so your other thesis is also without merit.

    Next time just post the link to the song and stop acting like you know anything about it. Kapesh dimwit?

  3. Even if I might have made mistakes regarding who produced the song and the session "Blauw" was from - much of what I said still stands. Tricky Stewart more often than not comes correct with his production, but The Dream is inconsistent with the quality of his song writing. And I can have concerns about whether they can deliver Ciara a solid LP based on how I feel about "Ride" and "Basic instinct (You got me)" can't I?

    If I need correcting, just correct me. Don't be a complete dickwad about it. Kapeesh, asshole?

  4. This is not an attractive photo.

  5. I too thought the lyrics sucked at first, but they're actually just demo, placeholders; she's just babbling basically, until they have actual lyrics.


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