New music: Ciara - I run it

New music: Ciara - I run it
Ciara needs to keep a lid on these leaks. Because whilst the fans are appreciating hearing some new Cici, it's hurting her album in the long run. The last thing she needs is for 80% of her album to be all up on media fire before it releases.

Ah, well. Check out the latest from her Basic instinct sessions. If you like when Cici slows it down as much as I do, you'll dig this.

Listen: I run it

Basic instinct
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This is real nice. It reminded me alot of Janet Jackson. Despite Ciara being known for her up-tempo jams, she always shines on the slow jams and mid-tempo's. "Other chicks" from her Goodies debut was crack and "Promise" from The evolution was bananas.

I'm not completely in love with "I run it". Half way through I started to find it a little samey and boring and think I've heard this before with "Ciara to the stage". As with "Ride", the hook is catchy, but the verses aren't that much so. Still a nice jam though. Made me wish Tricky Stewart had hollered at Missy Elliott to write this instead of The Dream. Her work with Monica on Still standing showed that she can still write a hot jam for the ladies.


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