New music: f(x) - Nu ABO

New music: f(x) - Nu abo
I have no idea what the hell "Nu ABO" means. The name of the song makes me think of armpits and B.O. Good thing the song doesn't stink.

Listen: Nu ABO

Nu ABO (Mini album)
© 2010 SM entertainment

Damn, I'm liking this. Gritty and a bit dirty. It's actually kinda bangin'! The song goes on for a minute too long, but it gets a thumbs up from me.

It's crazy how SM entertainment seem to take bigger risks with f(x)'s music and their image than their beloved SNSD-bots. Perhaps it's because the SNSD-bots are their babies, and they want to play it super safe. But they always seem to be 2 steps ahead with f(x) in my opinion. These girls did the whole Black soshi crap like it was nothing long before Girls' generation did it and made it out to be this big concept.


  1. It's pronounced "new yeppioh", and "ABO" stands for blood types XD It's SM's way of saying that they're bringing new blood to the music scene. I just hope they put out Mr. Boogie.

  2. I like the song but i do think that the korean music scene is becoming stagnant as far as "the sound" goes.
    to be fair some people do it well but it seems like there is no other sound comming out atm.

  3. @ Anonymous
    Thanks! At least I know the song title isn't complete nonsense.

    @ FUTURESTARdelux
    I agree to an extent. Most K-idols could probably get away with being a bit varied with their music and style too, because the K-game is ALL about image. As long there is a hot dance and the person(s) doing it look good - the song doesn't matter. But this seems to go in favour of just knocking out the same ol' sound, as opposed to trying something new.


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