New music: JLS - The club is alive

New music: JLS - The club is alive
As with JLS's debut single "Beat again", "The club is alive" goes for the synth pop club vibe but takes it up a few notches (emphasis on the word notches) with lots and lots of auto tune, pitched down vocals and vocoders. This track takes Britney Blackout vocals 101 and f**ks a hole in it.

Listen: The club is alive

JLS' second studio album
© 2010 Jive records, Zomba music group, Sony BMG music entertainment Inc.

We've heard songs like this before, and JLS do not bring a strong enough vocal presence on the song to make this stand out from the crowd. Match the lack of vocal presence with a bog standard beat we've heard done a million times over and you've got a recipe for mediocrity.

You'd be hard pressed to tell there are 4 voices on the song let alone them all being human. For all I know this song was sung by Microsoft Mo. It might as well have been.

JLS should release a remix to this called "The club is dead" and just have it be 3 minutes of silence. It would be better than this mess they call a lead single.


  1. formulated mediocrity at its best. well produced though lol

  2. It is. I won't even deny that. I like the way the beat comes in after the countdown in the chorus. But as a whole, this track is whack. It could be by anybody, and there's nothing long lasting about it other than how dusty the song is.


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