New music: Kelly Rowland - The sound (On and on)

New music: Kelly Rowland - The sound (On and on)
"Commander"'s still trying to do it's thing as a single and already a new Kelly song has leaked! We heard a clip of "The sound (On and on)" a short while back, but now we have the song in full. It's not what I expecting based on the clip though. I thought the hook was going to be on some full on tranced out, Ibiza style club tip; with synths going off like crazy demanding a pumped fist into the air. But instead... Well, listen for yourself.

Listen: On & on

Kelly Rowland's third studio album
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The song is nice, but I think the chorus should have been bigger and a bit more raved out. You can't do a song about how good music feels all up in the club and shit, yet have no part in the song where the music truly takes off. I hear what was trying to be done, and the vibe that was being gone for. But I still think the hook needed to be bigger. It's still a hot song though. I love Kelly's vocals and how she owns the song.

Seems I was right on the mark when I said that this felt like a Brian Kennedy production, as Brian Kennedy did indeed produce the track. It explains a lot why I got Brandy vibes from this song too - given his work on Human.


  1. I actually really liked that song :P Kelly is gonna be taking over when she drops this album!
    It's so great to finally see people sitting up and taking note of what she's doing.
    Ahe also seems really funny and down to earth so I hope all her new stuff does well (which it should do!) ^_^

  2. I totally hear Brandy's backing vocals. Her signature runs are instantly recognizable.


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