New music: Kylie Minogue - All the lovers

New music: Kylie Minogue - All the lovers
Kylie's brand new single from her Aphrodite album is everything the fans had been waiting for from Kylie, and all that X was missing in spades. Number 1 hit? More than likely.

Listen: All the lovers

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Kylie fans seem smitten with this song, but I'm not too keen on it. When the clip featured in the video announcing her new album, I just knew it was going to sound like a weaker version of "I believe in you". It's a better lead single than "2 hearts" was, but only barely.

Producer Stuart Price seems to have a very clear idea of what the fans want from Kylie with this new album. So if the reception from this single is anything to go by, fans will be in for a treat come June 5.


  1. i think this is AWSOME! lol
    It's such a summery song, at first i thought it'd be lame because it's kinda slow but i just love it lmao
    This is gonna be No1 for sure especially after the vid is out and the album is gonna be way biger than "X" (which i loved) i think ^_^
    it's like im programmed to just love Kylie, Britney & XTina lmao

  2. i agree with futurestar! i get this lovely light airy vibe from this like britney's "heaven on earth." so glad kylie's back...i missed my girl! :)


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