New music: Ne-Yo - Beautiful monster

New music: Ne-Yo - Beautiful monster
We all could have guessed what this song would sound like when the official single cover was released. So having the song to listen to yields very few surprises...

Listen: Beautiful monster

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Just what I was expecting. Predictable lyrics and some generic as hell bullshit production courtesy of StarGate. I can't believe this dribble is from the same trio that gave us classics such as "Sexy love" and "Miss independent", I really can't. My opinion of this song may change when I hear it on a night out and I'm under the influence of alcohol with my tongue down somebodies throat. But right now as I post this (and have the song playing in the background in an attempt to have it win me over) I think the song is rubbish. I could get on-board with the dance vibe for "Closer", but Ne-Yo fell off with this "Beautiful monster" crap. This could be from any of Ne-Yo's previous albums. Well, except In my own words. Rubbish like this would never have been let on that hot to death album.


  1. Ne-Yo should have followed up with a Latin sounding album akin to "Closer", but to have him jump on a bandwagon is kind of disappointing.

    With songs like "Mi Love" and other songwriters like Johnta Austin ("Lost Inside Your Love") and Ezekiel Lewis of the Clutch (Donnie Klang's "Catch My Breath" and Menudo's "Surrounded") doing Latin-flavored R&B, I think that there'd be a market for that if someone would just step up and do it.

    Stargate and Danja are no strangers to that type of music, they can do him up. Ne-Yo, this is my sincere proposition, and I want you to "Think About It".


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