New music: Nicki Minaj - Your love

New music: Nicki Minaj - Your love
With "Massive attack" being a massive flop, Nicki is going for "Your love" as a single. The song featured on a mixtape of hers and was already getting plays on radio stations, but a re-mastered single version of the song has recently been sent out with it now being of 'single release' status.

The lover speaks' "No more I love you's" sample is a popular one. Jason Derulo did a thing with it, which a dude plagiarized for Lee Hyori's album and now Nicki's on it.

Listen: Your love

Nicki Minaj's debut album
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I don't like this song at all. I think it's weak. It's safe and has a sound about it which will fare better on radio than the flopped so hard and made such a lack of impact on the charts did anybody even know it was a single "Massive attack". But the song strips Nicki of what I like about her. I like when Nicki raps nonsense and comes with the funny voices.

Nicki is in danger of falling into the trap of being a rapper who sounds better on other people's songs than her own. Her verse on "Woohoo" and the remix of Keri's "Get your money" up doo-doo's on "Massive attack" and this "Your love" crap.


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