New music: Super Junior - Bonamana

New music: Super Junior - Bonamana
Super Junior's new single sounds like SHINee's "Ring ding dong" mixed with Pitbull's "I know you want me (Calle ocho)". But as always, SM entertainment make sure there's a catchy song to rock your shoulders to at the heart of it.

Listen: Bonamana

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I like the song. It's infectious. But I'm getting tired of the auto-tune and heavy vocal processing now. I didn't mind it before. In fact, I loved that Korea were running it into the ground, and I endorsed it. But it's getting too much now. Every single song that K-idol's drop these days are vocal effected down to the ground. It's causing everything to sound the same and stripping songs of any form of personality or individuality. And I still don't see the point in a 10 man group being promoted when only half of them are actually singing.


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