Nicki Minaj shoots for Vibe magazine

A shot from Nicki Minaj's shoot for VIBE's June 2010 issue
This is album cover material. It's shit like this that had me turn my nose up at that bullshit cover art for her single "Your love". If Nicki Minaj is going to do things, she needs to do it crazy and odd ball. Air brushed to death, wearing stupid shit, and of course: the pink weave pieces. Unless a bitch has got green or pink tracks running through her scalp, I'm not interested. This VIBE shoot has me interested.

The jury is still well and truly out on Nicki's music career though. I like her guest features on songs, and am in love with her verse on Christina Aguilera's "Woohoo". But chick needs to catch a hit on her own. Or she'll be Young no-money and sharing a lot in common with Amil. Do you not know who Amil is? Exactly. Nicki best catch herself a damn hit fast.