Bonus material: Crystal Kay - Happy

Crystal Kay - Happy | Cover
"Happy" features on Crystal Kay's mini-album Flash and marks the second time she's covered a song of Michael Jackson's, but the first time her cover has appeared on a physical release of hers.

Listen: Happy

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"Happy" isn't one of Michael Jackson's better known songs, but I'm sure you'll find it familiar once you listen to it - as I did. The fact this is one of Michael lesser known songs and that he sang it whilst he was still young is what makes this cover all the more special and suit Crystal down to an absolute tee.

I think Crystal did an amazing job. Her voice sounds beautiful from start to finish, and I love how stripped down the song and her performance is. This shit is a swift back hand with a leather glove to the face of anybody who thought Crystal only sounded good layered to death with R&B beats, over-production, guitars and strings. Siddown.

It really does suck some serious dick that Sony music Japan deny their artists material getting major exposure and distribution on iTunes, because this along with "Hold on" would get Crystal a nice amount of exposure if they were put up on iTunes worldwide for download.


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