Bonus material: Kelly Rowland featuring Nelly - Commander (Remix)

Bonus material: Kelly Rowland featuring Nelly - Commander (Remix)
In what is either an attempt to have Kelly's new roll out appeal to everybody and their mother, or somebody not having faith in the original version of "Commander" - ad urban remix has surfaced featuring Nelly.

Listen: Commander (Remix)

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I don't like it. It might grow on me. But I just think the original packs more punch and does more for me. But if this helps Kelly secure herself a hit and spins in the clubs, then who am I to stand in the way of that!?

Seeing as Kelly's team seem to want to have her juggling two versions of her single and some other Ne-Yo and Stargate track all the same time: I say Kelly goes and shoots herself a music video for this remix. It would be some boring ass club style bullshit, because let's be honest: that's the only type of video you can do to joints like these. Unless of course you're Ciara. In which case you pussy pop, slow grind and f**k a floor in a pair of leggings and a belly top for four minutes. After all, Kelly's going to need something extra to throw down when another 'old' Beyoncé video drops (which it will). Kelly best just hope B keeps away from "Radio". Because it's over if she shoots a video for that shit. Over.


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