Christina Aguilera's Bionic breaks records

Christina Aguilera's Bionic, at your nearest bargain bin | 'shopped by J ;P
Christina Aguilera can proudly say that her album has made UK chart history. First she broke a record for the lowest selling album to debut at #1 with 24,000 units. And now Chrissy holds the record for the biggest chart position drop - going from #1 straight to #29. Damn. Electronic supersonic rocket launcher for Mrs. Aguilera please!

I've made no secret of how rubbish I think Bionic is. But it is rubbish with some single worthy songs that could help a girl out: "Woohoo", "Elastic love", "Desnudate", "You lost me", even "Glam" could work as a late released single if the album managed to stick around in the charts long enough.

What RCA and Christina really need to do is double A-side "Woohoo" and "You lost me". Throw "Woohoo" out for the club heads who like their Christina dirrty, and service "You lost me" for those who want to hear Christina work some substance void of the white ghetto slut trash. If she shot great videos for both songs, did some promotion the UK, and put her stank attitude on hold - Bionic could actually start selling some units and do a chick proud.

Rumours are abound that "You lost me" is indeed set to be a single. I should damn well think so too. The song should have been one already. It really is what a girl needs.


  1. You're just asking for it! XD

  2. I'm just telling it like it is. Plus, this doubles as promotion for the Christina Aguilera themed drinks coaster that is her new album *lol*

  3. Ouch-a-matic! ^_^

  4. Look like You Lost me may be the next single. What do u think about the radio mix (completely different beat)?


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