Christina's Bionic kinda bombs

Batman with the bionic bomb | 'shopped by J ;P
I bet Christina is wishing she had a electronic super sonic rocket right about now.

Her album debuted at #3 on the US charts, selling only a third of what Stripped and Back to basics sold at around 110,000 copies. And despite debuting at #1 in the UK, it marks one of the lowest selling #1's at around 24,000 copies. I'm surprised the album even managed to push that amount, because Christina has done ZERO promotion for the album over here. I guess she has a bigger fan base in the UK than I thought.

If Christina releases the right singles, shoots killer videos, fixes up her stank attitude and stops referring to Bionic as "futuristic" when it sounds 5 years outdated; then she might be able to flog more units. I doubt Christina will though. She seems like the kinda chick who couldn't really care less either way. So I can't see her pulling a B'Day with this album to try and get a hit out of it and have it sell better.

Bionic is 9 quid drinks coaster, but she has enough songs on it to make a good five single run. "Doodoo", "Despoodate", "Elastic love" and "You flopped me" are all potential hits. "Elastic love" would do nicely in the UK, because it could potentially cut across the Indie and mainstream Pop crowd alike. She sounds so much like M.I.A on the track that Indie heads will probably think it's her anyway. It'd certainly make it easier for them to digest that the song is by Aguilera and actually like it, as opposed to if she was screaming over a hot Switch beat.


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