Christina's willy-feel-good ring

Christina's willy ring | WTF? Christina's willy ring | WTF?

Many had gathered way back when some of the Bionic promo shots were released that the contraption Aguilera was wearing on her hand had something to do with dick. Something which was pretty much dead confirmed when she posed with it near her mouth, exhibiting such class as you can see from the shot on the right. But we now have info on the item and just exactly what it is!

The ring Aguilera wears in the Bionic promo's is a Betony Vernon design known as the Men's petting ring. I need not drop text from the official description to explain it's use... Oh, heck! Okay then - might as well!
The jewel that best communicates the transcendental qualities of a perfect round of Paradise Found. It is a double ring that holds the index finger and thumb in the chi mudra position; the gesture used in meditation for a one-pointed mind and for a perfect hand job as well. So lube up with some Gentlemen's Relish, concentrate and add a new dimension to male masturbation.
The ring costs $1000! That's a lot of money to pay for a good wank. I'm sure you could find something that'd do the same thing with some creative thinking in IKEA's kitchen ware department or Lakeland. Or better still, use what everybody's been using for centuries: a plain ol' hand.

Anybody with $1000 lying around and a mission to give a silver lined wank to themselves or a loved one can buy the ring here. You may want to buy some of this too.

Christina Aguilera & Angelina Jolie sex ring similarity @ The Angelina Jolie


  1. LMAO @ $1000 for a good wank! XD

  2. Ha ha! Loved the silver polish link you provided, how very kind of you!

  3. FUTURESTARdelux19 June 2010 at 21:02

    haha i knew it! Dirrty.


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