Music video: Lady Gaga - Alejandro

Madgina would be proud. Or be cursing a bitch out for catting her "Like a prayer", "Vogue", "Express yourself" and "American life" music videos.

The concept with all the guys was cool and would have been enough to have warranted something memorable with enough shock tactic that comes with a Gaga video. But the additional stuff that she seems to now have a penchant for slinging into music videos just bloated it. The intro was long and boring. Lady Gaga catting Madonna hard with the Blonde ambition and "Vogue" soft focus, black and white look felt out of place with the rest of the cinematography. And watching Gaga ask for a gangbang and be thrown around like some scrap ho was just over egging a burnt omelette that she never should have made in the first place.

The only lasting impression I was left with (aside from how the whole of "Alejandro" felt like a homage to Madgina) was that them dudes were working the moves and heels better than Gaga was. They were pretty much the centre pieces of this whole entire video. Lady Gaga may as well have not featured at all.


  1. You know you got this post twice?

    I saw that it was almost 9 minutes long, and wasn't going to bother. That's more of a commitment than I was willing to make. But I have nothing better to do, so I watched it.

    It was cool in parts, kind of oddly disturbing in others. It's definitely the most erotic video she's made, and you're spot on about the Madonna influence. But it's not a video I think I would ever watch again, unlike most of her other videos which I've watched several times.

  2. well thanks for the 8 minute Madonna tribute lol
    Seriously the way she goes on with the video’s you’d think she was Michael Jackson or something.
    Madonna B&W Vogue lool (yes) dress as a nun to provoke the catholics like Madonna (yes) do a Janet Jackson Rythem nation dance (yes) dress men in tights like Kylie Minogue did on her tour (yes) do the wierd Cheryl Cole open leg walk (yes)…

    annother overrated video that’s soon to be forgotten just like “Tellephone” was lol
    The only good part was her on that chair with the snow and that was just from a visual perspective and the heart on a pillow procession was cool too but the rest was lame.

    It also annoys me how she thinks she “represents” the gay community, does anybody “represent” the black, white, latino, asian, straight communities? no…
    Also not all gays go around dressed in heels and tights that’s just a generalisation.

    Don’t fall for her asskissing anymore, it’s all a tactic.

  3. First off: Everything Cheryl Cole did in that "Fight for this love" video she learnt from Janet Jackson, MC Hammer and that 16 year old white girl in the Juicy tracksuit and fake Uggs who jams outside her local Off licence.

    In Lady Gaga's defence, I don't think the Black, White, Latino, Asian or Heterosexual community are asking to be represented by Gaga *LOL*

  4. J you know (or i am informing you) that i HATE Cheryl cole lol if she got that from Janet thats that but i dont really know a lotta Janet and i just saw it from Chryl :P
    And no none of those communities are asking to be represented by gaga except thr crazy stans but she needs to stop licking the gays ass all the time, not every gay person likes her and now its like you dont like gaga wtf?... UGH shes a joke.

  5. Wow.

    The hate is emanating off of my screen.

  6. It's 3D playa, here! *hands over 3D glasses*

  7. *puts on 3D glasses*


    *reaches out to touch the hate*

  8. innot hating (except on Gaga) lol :P

  9. I really can't stand her anymore...she could dance with a trashbag on and covered in cum, and everyone would clap like a bunch of idiots. Bad romance was alright, telefon was ridiculous, and this sh*t was randomly pointless. The video was boring...even a funeral has more entertaintment to it. Plus what about the 8min everytime. Bitch could've cut out the video after 4 minutes.
    She should just get over the fame monster and roll on with her new album. I tell you just one thing...she needs to come hard, because people are just starting to get bored and annoyed by her.

  10. After that long ass intro drained my youth away I was shocked back into awareness by those rape grunts at 3:38 but beside that I gotta agree this was hella boring, something I didn't expect Gaga to produce until she fell out of favour mid third album. I usually love Gaga's videos:- Paparazzi, Bad Romance, Just Dance and the dance scene from Telephone were on heavy rotation on my screen. The video for Poker Face even got me feeling the song when previously I wasn't. More of a two fingers up at Madonna "This was you then but now I'M the Queen of the stylish gays and Catholic controversy in music" and also a desperate attempt to make a so so song a hit with a shocking video. ero-kawai-world is right though, people will probably lap this mess up too. Shame.

  11. I'm getting a Rammstein feel from this video~


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