New music: Ciara - Get it girl

Ciara - Get it girl
Another month another Ciara leak. She is not going to have any songs left to leak by the time Basic instinct drops. There's no confirmation that this joint is from Ciara's Basic instinct sessions, but I have a feeling it is. And some tell tale signs indicate this could be yet another Tricky Stewart production, with The Dream bringing up the rear with nonsense lyrics.

Listen: Get it girl

Ciara's Basic instinct sessions
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It's like "Goodies 2.0". The lyrics are garbage (like "Goodies"). And at this rate we can bet half of Basic instinct will be about money and the other about how well CiCi can put it down. But I do like this. And the thought of how Ciara would handle the dancing in a music video as well as hot hot this would sound in the clubs carry the song in a big way.


  1. Oh lord, you already know anonymous is gonna be in here acting like this shit is a classic.


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