New music: Crystal Kay - Flash

Crystal Kay - Flash
Crystal Kay's new song does away with the sweet harmonies ♪ La la la ♪'s, strings and guitars. Instead we get super sexed electro pop and a string of sexual English! The bitch is bad and she's back! Crystal just snatched some wigs with this right here.

Listen: Flash

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The last song of Crystal's where she was singing on a sexy swag was "I can't wait". But she stepped that game up for "Flash". I love how she sounds on this song, especially on the bridge. The production on "Flash" is hot. But as always, it's Crystal's vocals that sell the whole thing. There is no other chick in the J-game that could have laced this song as good as Crystal. Not one! I'm not even looking at Kumi Koda, because I know she would have ruined this shit with unnecessary warbles and ♪ Yeeeaaah-eeeyeaaaaaah ♪' s.

It's almost a shame that such a strong and potentially explosive lead single is leading a mini album and not a long player. But the likes of such certainly didn't harm Lady Gaga when she "Bad romance"'d The fame monster. Then again, we know how Crystal don't have that team behind her that Gaga does. "Flash" is a good look though. Great song and a hot to death CK in the music video.

The low down: Flash album info
Watch it: Crystal looking a '10' in the music video


  1. "♪ Yeeeaaah-eeeyeaaaaaah ♪" rofl...
    I really love this song, i did worry if CK going down the electro route would just not be her but she still is.
    At first listen i wasn't that into this song the flow just seemed wierd but after a couple of plays i'm hooked!
    i agree it's so annoying that this could be her best charting song in a long time and it's leading an EP! ~_~
    If all these songs are as hot it should do well though. maybe it's a tactic from her label to see how this new songs go down ahead of a full album :)

  2. is working this tune
    wasnt to keen on the music video but now im hooked thats wat ck music does to u ..
    cant wait for the live performance hopefully shell get more time then she got for Girlfriend ¬¬

  3. "Flash" has a video, so it's already one step ahead of "Girlfriend". The way Epic records did that song was wrong. It was a Summer hit. And even though BoA (somehow) sang Crystal under a Shinkansen - I still loved it. Yet it got no video and was snuck onto Best of Crystal Kay like some left over B-side.

  4. Crystal Kay's doing a mini live for Flash tomorrow 6/17 in Harajuku from 5:30pm.


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