New music: Eminem featuring Rihanna - Love the way you lie

Eminem featuring Rihanna - Love the way you lie | New music
Eminem and Rihanna on essentially what is a love song. Of course, this ain't no ordinary love song. It's love done Eminem style.

The song is produced by Alex da Kid, who is also responsible for B.o.B and Haley Williams from Paramore's awesome song "Airplanes" - on which Eminem featured on a remix of. This explains the musical similarities between the two songs. It's kinda hard to believe the same dude that produced this and B.o.B's joint did Nicki Minaj's "Massive attack"...

Listen: Love the way you lie

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It's been a while since I heard an Eminem joint I liked this much. "Love the way you lie" would make a great single. There's no doubt in my mind that this would go straight in at number 1 if it were released in the UK. The UK loves some Eminem and Bajan girls with big foreheads.

The Forehead was a nice touch on this song, but I didn't feel she was a staple to it. There hit a point where I thought the song would sound better had Eminem had sung the hook himself or if P!nk had featured on this instead of "Won't back down". The Forehead's young and thin vocals contrast the musical nicely. But P!nk's older, husky, broken tone would have really set this alight for me. Still a great song though. Eminem's own material rarely hinges on collao's because he always holds his own. Well...most of the time. I personally feel like Lil' Wayne outshines Em on Recovery's "No love".


  1. Really digging this song, and I already know I'm going to be getting Recovery. It would be a huge single for sure.

    Oh and I haven't heard "No Love" yet, but I've heard the exact opposite of what you said. That Lil' Wayne was terrible and didn't outshine Em'. But I guess I'll have to listen muhself!

  2. I admit I was looking forward to hearing this, even though I only like a handful of Eminem's tracks I admit that 'Stan' with Dido is one of my favourite songs. The song is ok but I thought Rihanna's sweet toned vocals with Eminem's hard and angry delivery didn't work too well for me. But that's just me! Prehaps the track will grow on me.

  3. @ lilithdarkstorm
    That's exactly why I mentioned P!nk. She features on another song on Eminem's Recovery album and sounds great, But she would have been so much more effective on this.

  4. With Rihanna it just sounds like, he's trying to cash in on the Forehead craze. Pink's vocals would've been a great match and really taken this song to a level of maturity and power. His vocals are so strong and Rihanna's are so weak by comparison.

  5. @RJ
    There's an Eminem soung with Pink in it???? Sorry I listen to the song without reading the fine print *searches youtube for it*...that's doesn't sound like her at all to me...ok maybe a little towards the end but she sounds very poppy...but I'm probably listening to a demo/unfinished/edited version.

  6. The version I listened to on youtube sounded kind of unfinished to me as well. It was mainly the beat, it didn't sound all that great.

    Still, I liked it.

  7. i know you guys are all wanting a harder voice but i was just imagining if it was Dido on this, it coulda been like "Stan" 2 X_X
    They need to work together again :P

  8. Going through Recovery right now, and it's easily the best Em' album since The Eminem Show. So many great tracks. He really shows off his fast rapping skills on this one.

    "Wont Back Down" really turned out to be one of the weaker tracks. Still love "Love The Way You Lie" though.


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