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Jay'ed - Pray | New music
I think I may have found a contender for my 2010 Summer jam. New Zealand born J-R&B'er Jay'ed put it down real nice on his new single "Pray". Nice melodies, nice vocals, tight production, sprinklings of cheese and a gust of uplift.

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Pray [CD single]
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Loving this. I didn't think Jay'ed could come as correct as he did with "Everybody" (which was absolute crack), but I think he might have with "Pray". Completely different songs in terms of style, but similar vibes.

I'll be checking for Jay'ed's sophomore album when it drops. His debut wasn't all that great, but it definitely showed promise. If he worked with the right producers and picked the right songs, he could definitely drop a hot, solid album.


  1. "Absolute crack" is a good thing, right?

    And I've got to disagree with you this time, J. This song is nice, but it doesn't hold a candle to "Everbody". I mean, come on! That was my JAAAM in '09, and I'm still bumpin it now. Honestly, I don't think "Pray" is all that great. Like you said, they're different songs, different styles. It's not bad at all, but this song just doesn't do it for me. Eh well, too each his own.

    Keep up the awesome work on this site, J! :)

  2. "Absolute crack" was in refenrece to "Everybody", so it MUST be a good thing, right!? ;P

    I love "Pray". I'm even shocked at how much I like it. But I really do love it. I had it on play ALL day yesterday. It's the beat on the hook that does it for me.

    And I'm glad there's another Jay'ed follower out there who also thought "Everybody" was a jam!! :D That song did NOT blow up how it deserved to.


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