New music: Kelly Rowland - Each other

Kelly Rowland - Each other | New music
Kelly can sound like a good ho on a track like the best of 'em! I genuinely believe some dude felt up Kelly's p***y in the club and whispered sex game all up in her ear after listening to this song.

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Kelly Rowland
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I love the vibe. It's so dark and sexy. If this came on in a club at the right time, there'd be some grinding, some slipped panties and freak-deaky on the dancefloor.

"Each other" gets a thumbs up from me. It sounds a little unfinished in places; so hopefully this will go the route of Beyoncé's once "Beautiful nitemare" turned "Sweet dreams" and get revamped in a big way for the album. Of which we'll have probably have heard in its entirety by the time it drops if songs keep leaking at the rate they currently are.