New music: Kelly Rowland - Grown ass woman

Kelly Rowland - Grown ass woman
Beyoncé's daddy is back up to his old tricks: leaking Kelly Rowland tracks left, right, center and back. It's like the Ms. Kelly leak situation all over again!

Kelly seems to be staying true to her word that she won't do a Kelis with her new album if a couple of these leaks are anything to go by. "Grown ass woman" is Pop meets R&B with a sound that's all too familiar...

Listen: Grown ass woman

Kelly's 3rd studio album sessions
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Shall we play 'Guess the producer?' I'm going to go out on a limb and guess Stargate. And possibly Ne-Yo having written it. It sounds very much like their typical joint.

Kelly has such a nice tone and clarity to her voice that even when you don't think a song is all that good, you end up liking it on some level because of how nice she sounds. It's definitely Kelly's vocals that carry "Grown ass woman" for me. Had any other chick with less vocal talent had gotten this track (i.e The Forehead) I would have sent this shit straight to the Recycle bin.


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