New music: Kelly Rowland - Rose coloured glasses

Kelly Rowland - Rose coloured glasses | New music
It's officially Ms. Kelly 2010. This album is going to leak in full by September, get a push back and then bomb so bad that Kelly would wish her ass was a commander so she could command and conquer the situation.

This song is produced by Dr. Luke. The very same Dr. Luke responsible for hotness such as Katy Perry's "California gurls", Britney's "Circus" and the Sugababes' "About you now". Don't get your hopes up for pop crack like I did though...

Listen: Rose coloured glasses

Kelly's 3rd studio album
© 2010 LaFace records, Zomba music group, Sony BMG music entertainment Inc.

I can't stand this song. Out of all the leaks so far, I think this is the weakest. Yes. Even worse than that Bangladesh and Sean 'The pen was out of ink from 2007' Garrett helmed "Smooches" crap. Kelly should have been on Dr. Luke's iMac going through his beats on iTunes and picking out the pop smashes. Not dreary ass rubbish which sounds like a Simply deep bonus track.

This is set to be a single alongside "Grown ass woman". I smell a flop. I can't believe how "Commander" seems to be pretty much discarded at this point when it's such a strong contender for a single. Even Beyoncé's not caring, because she's not even leaked a video in an attempt to cop block. She's probably gathered at this point that it's a wrap for Kelly.

I love Kelly Rowland. She's sweet, she's pretty, and musically she's much more fearless than Beyoncé which I've always dug. But if these leaks are a sign of what's to come, then I'm worried for her.


  1. I actually love this song.

    The song is the 2010 electropop/R&B version of the classical French song of the same title "La vie en rose" (Life through rose-coloured glasses) by Edith Piaf.

  2. Kelly's lucky to have you! Because I have no love for this song at all. It's not the kind of single you follow up "Commander" with. Especially when its fellow A-side isn't that far removed in terms of sound (i.e Dreary).


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