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Kid Cudi - REVOFEV | New music
Kid Cudi's new single "REVOFEV" from his second studio album Man on the moon II: The legend of Mr. Rager is not lead single material to me. It'll be interesting to see if The Crookers or somebody else can remix the hell out of it and make it a chart topping hit across Europe as with "Day 'n nite", and have Kid Cudi throw up in his own mouth as a result. Because seriously, this song is going to need a remix to be a hit.

Listen: REVOFEV (Revolution of evolution)

Man on the moon II: The legend of Mr. Rager
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I want to say I love the hell out of this song because I stan hard for Cudi's debut. I'd throw that album a storage stacker full of Grammy's if I were in a position to do so. But I'm just not connecting with this song. My initial thought was that it sounds like the kind of song which would sound better once you hear it play amongst the album and woven in conceptually. If played after an interlude and before a banger I'd probably love it. But on its own, I feel like it's missing something. It's like you're waiting on some guitars and some live band shit to come in, and it never does. I do dig the overall sound though. It's just a shame it doesn't really go anywhere.


  1. I'll listen to the song later when I'm able to, but I thought his second album was gonna be called The Machine and Ghost?

    Guess that's not what that little epilogue was meant for at the end of the first album.

  2. Or was it Ghost in the Machine?


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