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Kumi Koda - Gossip candy | New music
Kumi Koda always likes to give the goods during the summer. 3 splash last year obviously wasn't enough, so Kumi's gone two better and given us a five track single release. Five tracks!! Crystal Kay is releasing a five tracker as an album release. Kumi's doing this shit as singles! Listen to them all after the jump, along with what is pretty much a review of mine.

Listen: Lollipop

Listen: Inside fishbowl

Listen: Outside fishbowl

Listen: For real

Listen: Got to be real

Gossip candy
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Kumi singing ♪ I touch ya boolly boolly ♪ and ♪ Lick my lorrypop ♪ left me near dead on the floor. I love Kumi's Engrish. She always manages to out-do herself with it. The song itself isn't bad. I like that Kumi didn't go that whole overly urban route she usually does with these types of songs; but instead just kept it playful and light, but still skanky as hell. I'm waiting on that video. I hope Kumi has her slut game on lock. It's been a while since we've witnessed it in full force.

I really do not see the point in there being two versions of "Fishbowl" when the only obvious difference is the key the song is in. I prefer "Inside fishbowl" personally. Kumi's voice is a little annoying, but the higher key of the song suits the playful 60's rock vibe better. Where-as "Outside fishbowl" sounds like a really depressing version of the same song which has Kumi drawl over the music than than sing.

"For you" is weak. What is it with Kumi and slow songs lately? They've not been as strong as they were pre Trick. "For you" sounds so outdated. And for a Summer single which is so top heavy with uptempo's we could have done without it.

"Got to be real" is nice. I think it's actually the strongest song of the five. The production is on point and the song does a nice job of marrying the funk of the original and that electronic over production that we all love about J-Pop joints. Kumi's Engrish is as gangsta as hell. But her vocals are strong.

Gossip candy isn't all that great. Less could have been more, because "Inside fishbowl" was a strong enough original song on its own to be a sole single, with "Got to be real" being a B-Side. What we have here is an EP single full of filler and a massive third chunks worth of a spoiler into what is bound to appear on a future studio album.


  1. I gotta agree with you over the whole CK "Flash" cenario although i feel like CK probably put a lot of effort into "Flash" but Avex probably just threw this out even though parts are realy good.

    I really like "lollypop" i was singing along to that lol i didnt get the "touch your booly booly" though is that meant to be booty? lmao
    Inside & outside fishbowl" i didn't really like, inside sounds like some misceanious Kumi rock song and the by adding "outside fish bowl" it's like she's tried do do what Ayu did with Sunset/Sunrise but it didnt work because Sunset/Sunrise had completely different vibes.
    I likd for real it might not be her strongest ballad but it's cute, did you ever see the first Pokemon movie? it reminds me of the song "we're a miracle" by XTina that was played at the end of the movie.
    I really like it actually it has a 90s feel lol
    I just love "Got to be real" anyway i was like WTF?!? when i realised it was the song from the M&S ads lol i love that song and Kumi did a great job on it.

    It's gonna be No1 i think although i hope they don't all end up on an upcomming album unless she's gonna have a double album of original songs instead of a greatest hits disc like last time.

    Yeah i wanna see some seriously skanky moves from Kumi in a video! she needs to do some pole dancing, PP, WT & maybe some simulated sex acts like in the "Shake It" vid and possibly a cameo for a bottle or two lol ^_^

  2. I've never liked the songs on her 'over the top' A side releases, the songs I tend to prefer are her sole A side release or album tracks. Still, I'll watch the videos when they're released


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