New music: M.I.A - Teqkilla

M.I.A - Teqkilla | New music
When I first heard clips of M.I.A's new album, this was the song that stuck out to me straight away. The beat is disgusting. M.I.A may as well have not featured on it at all. She's barely on it as it is and the beat just outshines anything she has to say.

Listen: Teqkilla

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The beat. All I keep thinking every time I listen to this is the beat. I always knew Switch was a beast, but I had no clue he had beats this filthy in him, and he gave M.I.A some filthy ass beats on Kala. "Teqkilla" sounds like noise. Farts, an Amiga malfunctioning, a Bollywood movie and a wine cellar being bombed during a world war air raid to be a little more exact. But it's noise I will being playing loud in the car tomorrow. That n***a Timbaland wishes he was still able to do these kinds of beats.

And M.I.A's screeching she's got some "sticky-icky" during the hook. Not calling her son's name how I thought at first. Shouting out her baby's name on a song about weed and tequila would be a little too ghetto fabulous.


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