New music: Namie Amuro - Break it / Get myself back

Namie Amuro - Break it / Get myself back | New music
I was jonesing for some new Namie not long after Past < Future dropped. The fell victim to that age old Japanese curse of having 90% of it be released as singles, feature in TV commercials and via music videos a good while before the only 12 track album dropped itself. Which meant only a couple of the songs were new (literally two!) I'm hoping the same won't happen with Namie's next studio release.

Anyway. Here are the two songs fans were pissed didn't feature on Past < Future in full.

Listen: Break it

Listen: Get myself back

Break it / Get myself back
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"Break it" is going to have to grow on me, because I'm not in love with the song this minute. Namie's English has her sounding like some London bird, and she just doesn't sound as sexy and as assertive on the song as she should. Usually this doesn't bother me too much, but it does with this song for some reason. I'm not sure why. Her voice contrasting like hell with these kinds of songs is oddly part of what made me fall in love with her. But the song is catchy and the production is hot.

Fans responded well to "The meaning of us" (which was a stunning song), so it's great to hear Namie re-tread that ground again some-what with "Get myself back". But the song feels lacking, and as with "Break it" I feel more should have been done with the vocals.

I'm not sure what's going on! I usually dig all of Namie's singles and stan for at least one of her multiple A-side releases. There's a huge margin for me to fall in love with these songs if Namie comes correct with the videos though.


  1. I don't like Break it at all. It sounds cheaply made and not finished. You can barely hear her vocals, to much autotune. It kind of reminds me of Hide and Seek (i don't know why). Get back myself is definately the better of the two but this sounds like a song Ayu would put out. As strange as it may sound she would've done a better job. She would've added some nice layering of the vocals to give it some richness.

  2. There is NO auto-tune on "Break it". *lol* At least not of the clearly audible T-Pain kind. I like the beat, but like I said: the vocals kind of kill it all for me because they aren't as tight as they are on say songs such as "Copy that".

    If Ayu had put out "Get myself back" she probably WOULDN'T have layered her vocals and worked the harmonies much. That's one thing I've often criticized Ayu for; is that sometimes she doesn't work layering enough on songs where it could really help elevate them.

    T'is a shame. Let's see how the videos look and if they do the songs any justice. I'm still pissed "Copy that" and "My love" never got music videos :(

  3. No auto-tune? I guess it's just the way she sounds on this song then. I feel like I can barely hear her through the music.

  4. I feel the same Beruda, so it's not just you buddy. Chalk it up to weak vocal production and iffy mixing :(

  5. I like "break it" but it feels as though she is just going through the motions. That's hardly supprising since Avex hardly give artists a break.
    "Get Myself Back" is awsome i love that but yeah i can imagine Ayu singing this too which isn't really bad because Namie pulls it off very well too.
    I'm SO pissed that "My Love" didn't get a video! the ad with the space theme was so amazing and Namie looked hot, sometimes i wish they would elaborate on the ad themes...

  6. I like both the songs, and Break It has really grown on me, i think it sounds really good. I like Namie's voice in both songs but it is true i that i wouldn't use Break It as a shining example of how well Namie can sing. I hope these songs score Namie another Number 1, and the video for Get Myself Back is beautiful.

  7. rofl late comment but w/e. tbh i found this single pretty mediocre especially coming from nao'ymt. get myself back got stuck immediately, break it took a while. i found myself enjoying the instrumentals more than the actual songs.


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