Album art: Ciara - Basic instinct

Ciara - Basic instinct | Album art
Jive and Zomba aren't playing with trying to re-capture Ciara during her Goodies days. They threw it back further than Brandy's hairline with the Ciara font style. I really like this. It's nothing amazing; but she looks hot and it's a damn sight better than that mess of a Fantasy ride cover which had her looking like she was about to crush a beer can on that forehead and change a n***a's tyres.

I think the cover would have been better without any text on it though, because it would have made a bolder statement and really let the image shine. 'Cos let's face it: the font used isn't the best. But I guess she's not at that level yet to roll with a textless album cover. Chick needs as many people to know her album is on a shelf as possible, she can't be affording to have another album take a one way ticket to flop city or go the way of Chrissy's Bionic.

Whatever which way, this is a decent album cover. I just hope the music's up to scratch. Otherwise CiCi will find herself riding bucking bronco's in strip joints in the ATL whilst men throw jello shots at her, and BB messaging Bow Wow to lend her some cab fare.


  1. I love how you find ways to incorporate the Bionic album in almost all of your posts. XD!

    Hot cover. I agree, drop the juvenile looking font.

  2. Somebody's got to divert some attention to that album, because nobody else is.

  3. J you know my eyes are rolling all over the place everytime you mention {BIONIC} lol

    It's a cool cover but Ciara looks a bit masculin with her fat neck makes me think that urban legend that she used to be a boy had some credibility lol

    She looks ok although why have they spelt out her name with tomato sauce?

  4. I think she looks quite striking, to bad she can't sing worth a damn. Tomato sauce, I like that very funny. LOL


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