Ciara's Basic instinct gets a release date

Ciara's 'Basic instinct' promo | Photoshoot
Ciara's Basic instinct album now has a release date; which was August 24 but is now August 17. Let's hope for her sake this sticks. Ciara says it's because "Ride" is doing so well that the release date for the album got brought forward. But I think it's because Jive records is scared of how well Katy Perry's "California gurls" is doing and they they don't want no drama on them charts by releasing Ciara's album on the same day as hers. Fair-do's. If it helps Ciara's chances of topping a chart, then it's a good move. She can't do any worse than Christina Aguilera did with Bionic. Well, she probably could. So far we've had one 'live' performance of "Ride" and no edited version of the music video for networks to roll with. Bitch should be riding that promo wagon hard and have n***a's changing tyres on it by now.

I'm not hotly anticipating this new album, but I will check it out. Her debut was nothing special, but The evolution surprised me with how good it was and cemented Ciara as an artist to watch out for. At least I thought it did. Fantasy ride took a sledgehammer to that cement and made her a laughing stock.

Ciara could potentially knock out some hotness with Basic instinct. But I have reservations about The Dream and Tricky Stewart handling so much of the production - as collectively they have this habit of having every chick sound like The Dream. Only Beyoncé has managed to escape that trap. Plus, none of the leaks have really done much for me.


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