Has Good ass job hit the no good web?

Somebody got a hold of dat power... | 'shopped by J ;P
There are reports that hot-to-death turned a-little-bit-rubbish-now music video director Hype Williams has had his computer hacked, which just happened to have Kanye's new album sat on its hard drive. Uh-oh. Pictures of a track list have surfaced, but no music as of yet; as the files are said to be password protected.

I think those who don't want the album to leak will be a minority of just Kanye and his record label. Fans will want this to hit Zshare like yesterday. And those who are still bitter at Kanye for not lettin' Taylor Swift finish will probably see this as a form of karma.

I hope for Kanye's own sake that either...
a) This is a hoax.
b) Nobody don't ever find out that password.

Otherwise this'd be like Christina Aguilera's Bionic all over again: a gangsta ass leak way too far ahead of its release date which could only have a dampening effect on first sales. Obviously someone felt Hype Williams shouldn't have all that power, and now some fan / hater might have it instead.


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