Maroon 5's debut performance of "Misery" and mo' at The today show

Maroon 5's debut performance of 'Misery' at The Today show | Live performances
Maroon 5 have that promo wagon rolling nicely; with a fun Summer single, an equally fun (if messy and badly edited) music video and a stint on The today show kicking things off!

The group performed their new single as well as a couple of oldies. The crowd looked varied and like they were hungry for more than music - no doubt the result of Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine. There were young girls, young guys, mother's, grandma's and cougar's looking to pounce on Adam like a young foal in the wild. Adam would not stand a chance. Them women would tear that ass to pieces.


This love

Sunday morning

The high energy of the instrumentations on "Misery" were seriously lacking. But Adam Levine was sounding like them CD's. Groups like these be on that tour game. Even when you think they're dead and they're not doing much, chances are their touring somewhere. Whether it's some small venue or some disused air field with only 17 people and some stray bitch with a puppy sucking off her titty in attendance. So of course that live game is on lock.

I'm rather looking forward to hearing Maroon 5's forthcoming album. "Misery" is a hot song. And these performances made me realize I liked a couple of their oldies more than I thought I did...or didn't. Because I had no love for "This love" when it first dropped. It made me want to swing my N64 controller at a wall.

Every album that drops this year I'm going to compare to Christina Aguilera's Bionic, which set a record (two in-fact) for how badly it did. Bionic is the benchmark. And I think Maroon 5 will pole vault over it nicely. Two months before the album is set to drop and already we've got a video for the lead single, performances on The today show and a tour set to kick off running right up until the album's release.


  1. Damn, it sounds like their marketing and promotions is in flight. Good for them.

    Like I said, I'll probably be buying this album when it drops. I actually liked their second CD better than their first, which as far as I know, isn't the norm. It did kind of lull in the middle but it was still solid.

    "Misery" is hot and in some weird way, I kind of like their album cover.


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