Music video: Christina Aguilera - You lost me

Christina looked lovely. The lens work and the lighting in some of the shots was stunning. But overall this video was just boring. I won't be watching it again. It was nice to see an Anthony Mandler video which doesn't look like it was shot with an epileptic inducing camera.

I'm sat on the fence as to whether "You lost me" can help Bionic's sales in the considerable way in which Christina and RCA hope it will. "You lost me" is a stunning song and Christina sings the absolute hell out of it. But I still think it was a huge risk to put the song out on its own. Double A-siding it with "Woohoo" would have been a much safer look. But who knows. I don't think many foresaw Bionic bombing so badly, so perhaps this could pay off...

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  1. The only reason that You Lost Me is gonna flop is because they released it in the summer. Now, it's true that Christina needs the sales boost because the last two singles flopped, but there's a reason why they're called "winter ballads". A ballad in the summer is gonna flat on it's ass like J.Lo at the AMAs. Christina's always released her ballads in the winter to great acclaim, but this is just gonna flop.


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