Music video: The Dream - Trilogy (Yamaha / Nikki part 2 / Abyss)

Wow. A n***a ripped off Prince, Robert Palmer and Timbaland with this shit. Gotta give him credit. That's quite a combo. Too bad the video sucked. He should have paid a decent music video director to shoot something. But instead he went with some shit looked like Christina Milian was manning a tripod and putting in as much worth as her music career (which came in at a valuation of Violet's nappy 1 hour after some home made menudo last I checked). The chick in the video also looked a little like The Dream's first flop wife Nivea, whose career valuation is N/A.

I hate when songwriters and producers who really should stay behind the scenes try to do the solo thing. They seem to think because they can write and produce good songs, they can transition easily to being a solo artist. And it's always the dudes that be looking like some creature whose head you jump on in a video game that want to do it.

The Dream's first two albums actually featured good songs. But the problem with them was that every song was ruined by The Dream singing the songs and not somebody else. For every single song on Love Hate and Love vs. Money, you could name an artist who the song should have gone to. Usher should have had Love King's Prince influenced "Yamaha." Just like Usher should have had half of Love Hate.


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