New music: 4minute - Superstar

4 minute - Superstar | New music
4minute have recorded a new song titled "Superstar". This is your same ol', same ol' 4 minute ish. Which means an overuse of synths and auto-tune which knock you around the head until you wish somebody would just run these girls over in a UPS truck.

Listen: Superstar

Superstar (Digital single)
© 2010 Cube entertainment, Universal music group

I'm already tired of 4minutes' sound. Can these girls not sing a single song without auto-tune? It's getting ridiculous now. It's not even like Korean producers add it for effect here or there, they just throw it in every song from start to finish. It just causes everybody in the K-Pop game to sound the same.

And what is it with 4minute juggling all of these singles, music videos and their careers on the South Korean and Japanese scene? Are Cube entertainment afraid that if these girls are out of the spotlight for more than 10 minutes that we'll forget all about them? Probably. There's not a great deal memorable about 4 minute.


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