New music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Moon & Blossom

Ayumi Hamasaki - Moon | New music
Ayumi Hamasaki's "Moon" and "Blossom". Two songs which sound similar to one another, and similar to much of what Ayumi's done in the past. Can't say I'm in love with these songs...

Listen: Moon

Listen: Blossom

Moon / Blossom
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I don't hate these songs, but I don't like them a great deal neither. "Moon" and "Blossom" are not the most memorable of Ayumi Hamasaki songs. They both hit parts in the middle where you find it rather difficult to actually tell them apart. But as much as I'm not loving these songs, I do think they would have fit rather nicely on Rock 'n' roll circus. There were most certainly a couple of songs on that album that I felt could have done with being either scrubbed off of the final tracklist completely or being replaced.


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