New music: Ciara - Gimme that

Ciara - Gimme that | New music
I've been a little impartial to some of Ciara's previous leaks, but I'm all over this like vinegarette on a salad. She threw it back to that Crunk ish and threw it back nicely. This is her official second single "Gimme that".

Listen: Gimme that

Basic instinct
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This is exactly what I needed from Ciara right now. I'll probably be sick of "Gimme that" after a week of playing it in the car, and it's certainly no "Work" (which I still play the f**k out of) but it's doing the damn thing for me right now. I dig the beat and them 808's.

Ciara needs to be dropping a serious video for this. I know she pussy popped like her career depended on it in the music video for "Ride" (which it does), but I'm going to need her to take it to the next level and do it with a weave that doesn't look like it's stapled to the inside of her hat and an outfit that looks fly. No knee pads allowed this time neither.


  1. This jawn will get anyone hype in the club. This also deserves some radio airplay, too.


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