New music: Karina Pasian - Boy who cried love

Karina Pasian - The boy who cried love | New music
It's been a while since I heard anything from this girl. It's funny, because I was playing the hell out of her album last Wednesday. This song isn't the strongest of the Karina leaks we've heard so far (the Brandy sounding "Stole my heart" is still my fave) but this is nice and would do the damn thing on radio as a single if it were to release. As always Karina delivers with the vocals.

Listen: Boy who cried love

Karina's 2nd studio album sessions
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Karina Pasian is a talented ass girl. Her debut wasn't perfect, but she slayed every song vocally and she had some bangers on there. "16 @ war" and "They ain't gotta love you" do not leave the iPod playlists ever!

I'd like to think she'll get a good deal on her second release at Death Jam, but we know how that label stays. L.A Reid has f**ked up with so many chicks albums over the past couple of years that you wonder what exactly he runs at that label other than careers into grounds.

It's been a while since Karina has actually done anything and we've had quite a few leaks now. I hope she doesn't get dropped, but I have this feeling she might. L.A Reid already has one young light skinned girl with exotic looks rolling in his Hummer. He done fly tipped Amerie, don't think for a second he won't toss Karina out on the freeway and the n hit a bitch for gas money.


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