New music: Katy Perry - Teenage dream

Katy Perry - Teenage dream | New music
Fresh after storming the charts with "California gurls", Katy is releasing her second single: the album titled track "Teenage dream". It's a complete switch of gears from its predecessor, but is cut from the same cloth of catchy hooks and pop melodies that radio will not be able to resist.

Listen: Teenage dream

Teenage dream
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What a great little song! The verses were really sweet and the chorus has this mini 80's rock power ballad feel going on, which I really dig.

Why can I see myself really liking Katy Perry's new album when it drops!?


  1. Just Wow !

    I was thinking the same thing man:"What a great little song!"

    Wow! She has another Hit on her hand! Thats for sure! I hear P!nk On the Chorus!! (dOnt you?)

    I'm definetaly gonna take this album!


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