New music: Ne-Yo - Hurt me

Ne-Yo - Hurt me | New music
A song of Ne-Yo's has hit titled "Hurt me", and it's just the same ol', same ol'. I'm not even excited about this new Libra scale album. Nothing I've heard from it or about it has instilled me with any form of confidence that this album is going to be good. Not even "Champange life", and I kinda love that song.

Listen: Hurt me

Libra scale
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Ne-Yo fell off with this song. I'm not sure what's worse: this or "Beautiful monster". They're both the damn same any way. Same horrid dance beats and the same subject matter. This song sounds like it should have been given to someone else, or better still - given to an iMac recycle bin.


  1. "or better still - given to an iMac recycle bin."

    XD Very good!


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