New music: Nina sky - You ain't got it (Funk that)

Nina sky - You ain't got it (Funk that) | New music
I have to hand it to these broads. They keep on that grind even though nobody could care less. I'm not one to stand in the way of somebody's success, but everything Nina Sky does sounds like garbage to me, and this shit is no different.

Listen: You ain't got it (Funk that)

Nina Sky's 2nd studio album will which NEVER release
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I don't like this song. But I would rock to it in a club. "You ain't got it (Funk that)" could actually be a hit in UK clubs, because it has that Funky house sound going on. But the problem with songs like these is that nobody cares who is singing them. More often than not (all the time) the vocalists on funky house songs are just random ass girls who all sound the same, and they rarely (never) appear in the music videos neither. So they end up as non musical entities. Nina Sky fell into that trap with "Move your body" and "Turnin' me on" (the only two songs of theirs I really did like) and I can see it happening again with this song.

Nina Sky just don't have anything distinct about them musically. They've gone from Dancehall to R&B, to Hip-hop, to songs which were so messy you couldn't even file them under a genre.


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